eWatch Pricing

Start monitoring your cases for as little as $3.25 a month.

eWatch was developed by eLaw more than a decade ago to alleviate the burden of checking with the court for an updated case status every day.

Rather than performing the same docket search over and over to monitor changes in your cases, let eWatch do the work. eWatch notifies users when an appearance is scheduled, held, or cancelled; a motion is decided; a case, court, or attorney changes; subpoenaed records reach the court; a RJI or note of issue is filed; an IAS judge is assigned or changes; and a trial number is assigned.

Subscribers add specific cases to eWatch, which are then monitored by eLaw every day. When a court clerk makes an entry on a case in a court computer, eWatch instantly and automatically sends an alert via email or fax.

New York State Supreme and Civil Courts
Every month a case is on eWatch $3.25 per case, per month
A one-time flat fee for the life of the case $42.00
*Volume Discounts are available. Call 973-642-1440, x 8 for more information.
New York Appellate Division (1st & 2nd dept. only)
Every month a case is on Appellate eWatch $12.00 per case, per month
New Jersey State Superior Courts
Every month a case is on eWatch $6.00 per case, per month
Expedited return of case information $5.00 (one-time charge)
Federal District Courts*
A one-time flat fee for the life of the case for Calendar Alerts $42.00
Calendar Date Alerts $3.25 per case, per month
Alerts on All Docket Entries $17.50 per case, per month
*To receive calendar alerts on only court appearances, select the one-time or monthly options.  To receive alerts on all docket entries, select the alerts on all docket entries option.

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eDocket Pricing

Limited searching for as little as $59 a month.

eDocket is a comprehensive online search engine to help users find everything needed about any case filed in a New York State court.

eDocket subscriptions allow access to search case dockets in any New York State court with no search restrictions. Advanced searching capabilities include cross-county and cross-year, name, index and docket searches to cast a wide net and help find the information needed quickly. A new bookmark feature allows users to quickly search all of their cases in minutes rather than hours and eliminating unbillable hours looking for index numbers or manually typing them into elaw to locate cases.

eDocket Pricing - Monthly
Single user
(provides one user up to 50 searches per week)
Higher search plans are available,
please contact us for more information.
Additional user within office-per user $12.00

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ePer Diem Pricing

Covering NY & NJ

ePer Diem attorneys* appear in court on behalf of law firms to handle a wide variety of matters in both New York and New Jersey courts. All Per Diem requests are handled exclusively by our per diem partner, ZR Per Diem Services (ZRPD).

eLaw/ZRPD daily attorney services are practical and affordable. Let us handle your appearance so you can practice with confidence!

*eLaw and ZR Per Diem Services are not law firms and do not provide legal services. All professional legal services are rendered by and independent qualified Legal Service Provider to whom ZR Per Diem Services assigns your request.

To learn more or to place an order,
Click HERE to visit the ZRPD website.

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eCopy Pricing

Document retrieval 24/7 for as low as $24.90.

eCopy document retrieval allows users to place orders for the court documents required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And all orders can be easily monitored in the subscriber's eLaw account. No more slips or phone calls!

eLaw will retrieve documents of interest from courts, state departments and agencies throughout all 62 counties in New York and 21 counties in New Jersey.

New Jersey, New York and Federal District Courts
Delivered by e-mail or fax* $24.90
    Per page charge after the first five pages $0.85
Delivered certified* $49.90
Complete file* $49.80
    Per page charge after the first page $1.00
*Some counties have increased copy retrieval and page charges. Please call 973-642-1440 x 8 for details.  

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Serve and file in New Jersey PIP Arbitration


Electronic exchange of documents including service for claimants (one-time per case) $9.50
Non-Electronic Exchange of Documents to insurance companies that do not accept electronic service (one-time charge per case) $9.50
Handling per document (includes all supplies) $3.75
Per Page Printing $0.08
Delivery fees per document listed below
(If service or delivery is to an address within
New Jersey and not to a PO Box)
(If service or delivery is to an address outside of
New Jersey or to a PO Box) [see postal rates below]
First Class Mail
(first five pages $1.02 plus $0.31 for each additional five page block)
Certified Mail
(first five pages $6.85 plus $0.31 for each additional five page block)

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View your essential information on a report

eLaw’s do-it-yourself Management Reports and On Demand Reports can be customized to fit your exact needs. You can request daily, weekly, monthly or a one-time report. To get a price quote for the precise parameters of your request, please call 973-642-1440 x 8.


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New case alerts for as little as $20 a month

eLaw can locate any newly filed case by plaintiff or defendant’s name in New York or Kings counties. Please call 973-642-1440 x 8 to submit your request.

Single Name Search $20.00
Additional Name Search-per name $5.00

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To receive a price list for all of eLaw’s services as a PDF document, email Dominick Esposito: Please use “Pricing Sheet PDF” in the subject line.