Since 2000, eLaw has been improving case management so that lawyers can practice with confidence. eLaw’s products include:
  • eDocket: Comprehensive online search engine covering all 62 New York Supreme courts and five City Civil courts with unlimited free access to search case dockets.
  • eWatch: Automated case monitoring by sending email alerts triggered by an appearance that is scheduled, rescheduled, cancelled or held; when motions are decided; a note of issue or request for judicial intervention (RJI) is filed, and so much more.
  • eCalendar: Automatically captures any future appearance dates for a case being monitored and displays them in a free, customized online calendar that allows appearances to be viewed in real time.
  • eCopy: Ordered copies of any decision or court filing for all 62 counties in New York and all 21 counties in New Jersey as well as State, Federal and Appellate courts.
  • eServe: Electronic portal to file and serve demands and other documents in all New Jersey personal injury protection (PIP) arbitration cases.
  • Custom On-Demand Reports: Reports conducted by eLaw’s knowledgeable staff members on any query covering current and archived cases in the New York Supreme and City Civil courts.
  • Lawsuit Alerts: Earliest available notification of a suit by capturing new index numbers purchased in Kings and New York counties by informing companies or a law firm’s client if it has been named a defendant in a new lawsuit.
Download the PDF of the Products Overview to learn about eLaw’s detailed benefits.

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