About eLaw

eLaw was launched in August 2000, having evolved from the manual tracking and monitoring of cases that was required pre-Internet.

Built on the same foundation as the renowned Lawyers Diary and Manual, eLaw's developers leverage their intimate knowledge of the New York and New Jersey court systems with the newest technology to simplify and streamline case research and tracking.

More than 100,000 legal professionals subscribe to eLaw, with several thousand accessing the site almost daily.


eLaw provides access to the following courts:

  • New York
    • State Supreme Courts
    • New York City Civil Courts (five boroughs)
    • Select County Clerk Offices
    • Federal Courts
    • County Courts
    • Appellate Courts
  • New Jersey
    • Superior Courts
    • Federal Courts

Customer Service

eLaw's customer service is second to none.

    • Attorneys on staff to answer questions pertaining to legal issues.
    • Service representatives available to help with adding large numbers of cases to an eWatch account and for other assistance.
    • Technical support to guide users from initial set-up through ongoing usage - all free of charge.

No installation or training fees.