eWatch Case Tracking

eWatch provides case monitoring for attorneys who wish to focus more time on developing case strategy than on manually researching case information every day.

Receive automated case updates for cases you are tracking with eWatch for court appearances, efilings, decisions, and much more. Coverage is available in New York and New Jersey State Courts and 94 Federal District Courts across the country.

eWatch subscribers receive email alerts when:

  • An appearance is scheduled, rescheduled, cancelled or held
  • Subpoenaed records arrive at court
  • All eFilings
  • Note of Issue reminders
  • Motions are decided
  • An RJI or note of issue is filed
  • A case is disposed, withdrawn or consolidated
  • trial calendar number is assigned
  • An IAS judge or a new attorney is assigned or changed
  • A case comment is added or changed

CMS Sync and Calendar Sync

eWatch offers the greatest value to clients who opt to have their case updates automatically synchronized to an existing case management system or their Microsoft® Outlook® and Google calendars as well as smartphones, such as Android and Apple® iPhone®. eLaw partners with leading CMS platforms to ensure a streamlined process and integrates with popular calendars as well. (available for no additional cost to eWatch customers.)

eWatch Case Tracking Pricing

New York State Supreme and Civil Courts
Every month a case is on eWatch $3.25 per case, per month
A one-time flat fee for the life of the case $45.00
*Volume Discounts are available. Call (212) 503-6000 for more information.
**When you no longer want eLaw to track a monthly case you NEED to delete the case or you will keep being charged.


New York Appellate Division (1st & 2nd dept. only)
Every month a case is on Appellate eWatch Please call for flat-fee pricing per case


New Jersey State Superior Courts
Every month a case is on eWatch $6.00 per case, per month
Expedited return of case information $5.00 (one-time charge)


Federal District Courts***
A one-time flat fee for the life of the case for Calendar Alerts $45.00
Calendar Date Alerts $3.25 per case, per month
Alerts on All Docket Entries $18.50 per case, per month
***To receive calendar alerts on only court appearances, select the one-time or monthly options.  To receive alerts on all docket entries, select the alerts on all docket entries option.