eLaw Calendar Link

Terms and Conditions can be found at http://www.elaw.com/eLaw21/terms.aspx.

eLaw Calendar Link leverages the powerful eLaw database to help opposing attorneys find each other the day of an appearance, currently available for Supreme only.

To sign in for a case, simply text the case index# to 1-888-356-3674. Use the format County Index/Year. For example, "Queens 1234/2017". Or, "Q 1234/2017". Or, "Q 1234/17". You can abbreviate counties as Q,K,N,B,R for Queens, Kings, New York, Bronx, Richmond, respectively.

You will receive a text message confirmation. And if another attorney texts the same index number to eLaw for the same case for the same day, you'll be sent their phone number, and they will be sent your phone number.

It's that easy.

You will be signed in for that case until the next time the clock strikes 4PM on a court day. For example, if you text at 7AM, you will be registered for the day; but if you text at 4:30PM, you will be signed in for the next court day. You will automatically be signed out of the case at 4PM, so please sign in again if you are handling an appearance for the same case the following day. If you are handling multiple appearances in the same day, please send a text for each appearance.

Attorney names will be included when we have them. To let us know your name, text "Register " followed by your name, and we will include it in all subsequent opposing counsels' alerts.

You can stop further texts from us by texting us "STOP". You will receive a confirmation and then no more messages, until you text us "UNSTOP".

Terms and Conditions can be found at http://www.elaw.com/eLaw21/terms.aspx.