eCopy Document and
Subpoenaed Record Retrieval

eLaw can retrieve a copy of any subpoenaed record, filing or decision in New York and in New Jersey.

eLaw’s eCopy service allows users to place orders for court documents and subpoenaed records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All orders receive a convenient tracking number to monitor progress.

For questions about our eCopy service, please call our convenient eCopy tracking number 212-503-6000

New Jersey, New York and Federal District Courts
Delivered by e-mail or fax* $24.90
    Per page charge after the first five pages $0.85
Delivered certified* $49.90
Complete file* $49.80
    Per page charge after the first page $1.00
*Some counties have increased copy retrieval and page charges. Please call 212-503-6000 for details.