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Our Product Offerings

Coverage includes all New York Supreme Courts, Appellate Court, First and Second Departments, and New York Federal District Courts and five 5 City Civil Courts; in New Jersey all Superior Courts and the Federal District Court as well as 94 Federal District Courts.

eDocket High Speed Search

Sign up for an eDocket subscription that provides advanced docket searching, efilings and subpoenaed record arrivals across New York State courts.

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eWatch Case Tracking

Receive automated Case Updates for cases you are tracking with eWatch for court appearances, efilings, decisions and much more.

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eWatch Calendar

All eWatch court dates are automatically captured in your personalized eCalendar

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Sync your eWatch case information to your Case Management SystemTM, Outlook© or Google© or smartphone calendars

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Do-it-yourself eWatch Case Reports & Customized On Demand Reports

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eCopy Document Retrieval

Order and monitor copy requests for court documents and subpoenaed records 24/7 with eCopy

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eServe-Electronic NJ PIP Filing

eServe is the electronic portal to file and serve demands and other documents in all New Jersey PIP arbitration cases.

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New Lawsuit Alerts

Get an e-mail alert when a new lawsuit is filed in New York and Kings!

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About Lexitas

At Lexitas, our goal is to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.
To do this, we provide our clients with professional legal support services that save clients time and money.

Meet Our Partners


PM Legal

PM Legal Logo




PM Legal is New York and New Jersey’s most experienced provider of process service, investigations and court services.

Trust PM Legal for a single service or a customized program integrating related services that will maximize value and deliver a unique, efficient and cost-effective solution.

As the largest provider of these combined services, PM Legal investigates more than 5,000 cases, serves more than 130,000 legal documents and files more than 90,000 court documents every year. Nobody is more experienced or knows the courts better than PM Legal!

Smart Advocate

SmartAdvocate Logo



SmartAdvocate® is an incredibly powerful, server-based, fully integrated case management system designed principally for personal injury and mass tort litigation practices. Originally designed by personal injury lawyers who understand the challenges of case management in today’s fast paced, highly competitive and technologically demanding world, SmartAdvocate® is a revolutionary new software that will increase your practice’s efficiency and profitability.

SmartAdvocate® combines the best database for managing personal injury files with browser- based features, most of which are not available in any other case management system. These software features will enable you and your practice to manage, store, track, classify and communicate in order to achieve the highest level of success.

The integration of eLaw with SmartAdvocate® automates and coordinates your calendar management. Synchronization between SmartAdvocate and eLaw will automatically add new or updated information to both systems when entered in either one. The information that is synced between the two systems includes:

  • Date and Time
  • Part
  • Judge
  • Action
  • Appearance Type
  • Comment
  • CaseID (for internal use)
  • County
  • Docket Number
  • Index Number

Within a specific event you will be able to view the automatic updates, which will show you adjournment information and comments from eLaw. SmartAdvocate will also automatically assign the attending staff member and add all the relevant information.


Trialworks Logo




Case Style Summary details from e-Law can be imported into the TrialWorks Caption tab through the e-Law Functions button. Setting up these fields enables the automation of key matter information from e-Law. The Functions available are:

  • Add to e-Law CaseWatch
  • Get Case Summary
  • Import Appearances in e-Law
  • Import Motions in e-Law
  • Remove from e-Law CaseWatch



Users can import Appearances and Motions via the Caption tab. Pull the Court Summary from e-Law into the Caption tab of TrialWorks for Plaintiff and Defendant by clicking on Get Case Summary. Court appearances are added to include the Date & Time, Appearance Type, Court Part and Judge Assigned.

Use the free TWService to automate the import from e-Law. Every morning any new matter information posted by the Court will be imported into your case Docket and Motions tab automating the calendar process. Never have to add a Court appearance again.


Once the Docket detail is imported into the case, users have the option to add the Assigned (responsible attorney) and send it to the Outlook calendar. The user will have a pre-filled calendar entry which will push all the information within the Docket detail to a personal or firm office calendar in Outlook.


Out of the office? No problem. Users can view all their appearances using the TrialWorks App. Choosing to view the Global Docket provides up-to-date information on all matters.


LexPI Logo



Serving the New York legal community since 1987, LexPI™ is the leading Legal Practice -Case Management- Document Assembly Program specifically designed for New York State Personal Injury litigators.

LexPI’s intuitive, easy-to-learn interface seamlessly integrates with eLaw to reflect up-to-date court dates and adjournments. Dates, actions and notes sent from eLaw are automatically transferred to the LexPI calendar. Additionally, LexPI has the exclusive "Direct Access" function, where any lookup into the eLaw web site on one of your cases can be done with one click – a tremendous timesaver.

Time Matters

Time Matters Logo



Time Matters® clients streamline their entire calendaring process and reduce the risk of clerical errors when they sync calendar and matter information from their eWatch® list with their Time Matters calendar. eTMsync™ automatically enters and updates all court appearance and motion information in your master Time Matters calendar so that all your important information can now be found in one place. Data synched from eLaw® is linked to the case in Time Matters, allowing you to quickly see every court appearance for a single case with a click of a button!

Court Appearances

eTMsync automatically updates your Time Matters calendar with upcoming information including:

  • Date & Time of the Court Appearance
  • Appearance Type (e.g. Preliminary Conference, Status Conference, etc.)
  • Court Part
  • Assigned Judge
  • Resulting Action (e.g. Adjourned, Fully Submitted, etc.)
  • Comments Noted by the Court

Motion Filings

eTMsync reviews all motion information on your eWatch list and updates your calendar with the latest information including:

  • Date & Time a Motion is Scheduled or Decided
  • Relief Sought
  • Motion Status (e.g. Pending, Fully Submitted, Decided)
  • Decision Date, Type and Comments

Matter Information

Speed up case creation in TimeMatters by having key case information automatically updated under a new eLaw tab in your matter form including:

  • Names of Plaintiff & Defendant
  • Action Type (e.g. Contract, Tort, etc.)
  • Damages Type (e.g. Monetary, Non-Monetary, etc.)
  • Court
  • Assigned Judge and Part
  • IAS Category
  • RJI Information (e.g. Date Filed and RJI Type/Comments)
  • Case Status





Litify helps legal teams bring their ideas to life, at scale, in the form of a flexible, iterative, and secure business management platform. Built on the world's most trusted platform,, Litify is revolutionizing how legal services are delivered by empowering legal teams to replicate their best practices at scale with the most transparent and extensible platform technology.

About Us

eLaw was launched in August 2000, revolutionizing electronic calendar tracking in New York and New Jersey. With eLaw you NEVER miss your scheduled appearance.

eLaw's developers leverage their intimate knowledge of the New York, New Jersey, and Federal court systems with the newest technology to simplify and streamline case research and tracking.

More than 150,000 legal professionals subscribe to eLaw, with several thousand accessing the site almost daily.


eLaw provides access to the following courts:

New York
  • State Supreme Courts (all 62 Counties)
  • All eFiled cases from filing of the Summons and Complaint
  • New York City Civil Courts (five boroughs)
  • New York and Kings Clerk Offices minute books
  • Appellate Courts (1st and 2nd Department)
New Jersey
  • Superior Courts (all 21 Counties)
  • Federal District Courts in New York
  • Federal District Courts in New Jersey
  • 94 Federal District Courts

Why Do So Many Legal Professionals Use eLaw?


  • All court and appearance information automatically synchronizes with most major case management systems
  • Appearances automatically synchronizes with Microsoft® Outlook®, Google and smartphone calendars

Better Products

  • Note of Issue filing date reminder alerts
  • A listing of all filed documents in all eFiled cases with a link to view the documents
  • The ability to search, locate and track all cases at the summons and complaint stage of litigation
  • Subpoenaed record arrival alerts
  • Individual judge rules for appearances, motions, and trials
  • Management reports showing the standard and goals of each case, Note of Issue deadlines pending and decided motions and a calendar report that can be filtered out to meet your individual needs
  • Preliminary conference alerts for cases you forget to track
  • Assignment Calendar and Court Administrative dismissal alerts
  • All charges are 100% reimbursable


  • eLaw has been awarded The “Best Docketing and Calendaring Software” in New York for the eighth year in a row according to the readers of the New York Law Journal

Customer Service

eLaw's customer service is second to none.

  • Attorneys on staff to answer questions pertaining to legal issues
  • Service representatives available to help with adding large numbers of cases to an eWatch account and for other assistance
  • Technical support to guide users from initial set-up through ongoing usage - all free of charge

No installation or training fees.

Meet the Team

Dominick Esposito

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Jamie Brown

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Kathy Slinger

Customer Service Manager
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Jessica Peterson

eCopy Manager
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Jessica Balick

eCopy Manager


We've been voted number ONE again! Nine years for Best Docketing and Calendaring Service!

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